maandag 19 december 2011

Configure the Apache HTTP Server Plug-In for your WebLogic Server cluster

Suppose, you have in your WLS domain 3 clustered managed servers and you want to install and configure the Apache plug-in for your cluster.
I executed this demo on an Oracle Linux 5.7 64-bit system.
To achieve this, you'll have to execute these steps:
(1) Install WLS + configure domain (admin server + managed servers + cluster) + install the necessary rpm's + define the correct properties in the file "/etc/hosts".

(2) Download the latest Apache installer for your OS (

(3) Copy the file to the desired directory and unzip the file

(4) Configure Apache

(5) Make Apache

(6) Make Install Apache

(7) Copy the file to the apache directory structure

(8) Open the file /opt/apache/conf/httpd.conf and edit some general parameters (like ServerName, User, Group etc)

(9) In the same file, load the into Apache and define the properties of your WLS domain

(10) Log in as root to start or shut down Apache

P.S.: On Oracle Linux you can of course install Apache through yum.

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